Security Systems 

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DSC products allow you to build a system that works for you with over 1000 configurable items.

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The PC4020 is a 16 zone panel which is expandable to 128 zones. Expansion can be accomplished over a 4-wire Combus using a variety of input/output and functional modules. The base panel includes two addressable loops which can accommodate up to 112 addressable input devices and the system can also be expanded with a 64 zone wireless receiver which connects to the system via the 4-wire Combus. Addressable, hardwired and wireless expansion can be used in any combination that suits the application.

The MAXSYS is software ready to implement all the security, access control, automation and residential fire functions by simply adding conventional or addressable devices, access control modules, and automation interface components.

PC4020 Panel Features
• 16 programmable zones… zones can be NC with no EOLR, NO/NC with single EOLR or NC with double EOLR.
- 30 programmable zone types & 8 zone options
• 2 PGM outputs… each with 2 application choices :
- as standard PGM output – 59 programmable options
- as addressable loop – up to 112 addressable devices.
• 1 supervised bell circuit… 59 programmable options
• 1 unswitched auxiliary power supply
• 1 switched auxiliary power supply
• supervised digital alarm communicator with 4 formats :
- 20bps, 1400/2300Hz handshake                                                         
- Contact ID - SIA with auto-reporting codes
• 3 telephone numbers… 32 digits each
• 3 event initiated pager formats
• supervised battery charger
• PC-Link connector… for local upload/download
• 8 system partitions… 9 account codes
• 1,000 user/card codes… 64 access levels
• user/card codes assignable by partition
• 3,000 event buffer… 2,800 viewable on keypad
• 59 programmable output options for :
- bell zone, PGM outputs, relay outputs, transistor outputs
• comprehensive scheduling :
- 99 date schedules - 50 arm/disarm schedules
- 16 automation schedules - 4 two year holiday schedules
- 99 open/close suppression schedules
- 50 addressable smoke detector test schedules
• multiple communication capabilities :
- built in digital dialer
- optional module for DVAC - optional cellular communications
- optional Long-range radio communication
• upload/download capability… full featured with separate upload/download phone number

System Expansion
The PC4020 is easily expanded by adding input/output and functional modules onto the 4-wire communications bus (Combus).
• Combus… up to four runs of 1,000feet (305m), can be t-tapped and is supervised for low voltage and module communication.
• up to 16 LCD keypads… 32 character display
- complete system programming via keypads
- keypads can be ‘partition’ or ‘global’ operation
- Ready, Armed, and Trouble indicators – LCD4501
- 5 programmable function keys – LCD-4501
- 27 function key options
- Trouble and Armed indicators – LCD4500
- piezo buzzer for audible feedback and trouble
- 4 keypad activated alarms – Panic, Emergency, Fire, Duress
• up to 128 hardwired zones… using PC4108A/PC4116 eight and sixteen zone expansion modules.
• up to 64 wireless zones… using the PC4164RS wireless receiver and DSC wireless sensors and control devices.
• up to 112 addressable zones… using the main panel PGM outputs as addressable loops and DSC addressable sensors.
Hardwired, Wireless and Addressable zones may be mixed on the systemup to the total system capacity of 128 zones.
• up to 144 low current outputs… using PC4216 modules – 16 outputs per module – 9 modules per system.
• up to 64 relay outputs… using PC4204 quad relay/power supply modules – up to 16 modules/system – each PC4204 also provides up to 1 amp of auxiliary power and can be used to repower the Combus.
• point/graphic annunciation… using PC4632/PC4664 remote annunciators for system, partition and zone annunciation
• up to 32 access controlled doors… using up to 16 PC4820 two reader access control modules with stand alone capability.
• X-10 automation… using the Escort PC4580 module – controls up to thirty two X-10 devices and provides voice assisted system status and control from any touchtone telephone.
• system printer or DVACS communicator… using the PC4400 printer/DVACS interface module.
• backup alarm communication using :
- Links1000™ cellular communicator
- Links2150™ or Links2450™ long-range radio transmitters.
All of the features, functions, and expansion capabilities of the PC4020 control panel are included in the PC4020CF versions.