Nurse Call Systems 

Tek-CARE400 P5 Nurse Call System with Cat5 Wiring

Tek-CARE400 P5 Nurse Call System is designed for use by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals and medical centers, and provide all the latest features and functions required by today’s health care professionals.

Tek-CARE400 P5 Nurse Call System is full integrated with our on-site UHF radio pocket pagers, and can page appropriate staff when a call is placed from a station. Tek-CARE 400P5 also provides quick contact with other nurses stations with its direct master-to-master communications.









The difference is System Communicatoin

Tek-CARE400 P5 Nurse Call System with Cat5 Wiring’s  color monitor displays patient call types in disticnt colors for quick identification, and shows nurse and aide locations. Rooms are identified both by architectural numbers with labels of up to 16 characters to allow for useful descriptions, or even residents’ names. Or choose our direct-select master station with individual LED call indidcators for each room. Programmable bed priorities customize the call respose for each resident, while Staff Follower and Night Transfer fuctions allow for flexible staffing. Add out Tek-Bridge monitoring and reporting system to produce statistical reports, such as call response time and time spent in each room. React to an ever-changing environment and assign staff more efficiently by identifying where, when and how often calls are placed.



Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call / Emergency Call System

Tek-CARE500 is the first wireless nurse call / emergency call system* that can handle EchoStream (ES) and Frequency Agile (FA) transmitters at the same time! Tek-CARE500 provides senior living facilities with the most advanced security and safety available, giving residents the peace of mind and independence they deserve. Tek-CARE500 includes a complete selection of wireless call transmitters—including residents' pendants, emergency switches, smoke detectors, door and window monitors and passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors.

Tek-CARE500's master station computer is the core of the system, keeping track of all transmitters and calls, and sending those calls to staff pagers (when used with our paging system). The system also maintains resident photos, plus facility-determined custom information—such as contact information for relatives and physicians and medical information. All information is clearly and logically displayed on the flat-panel monitor.

Residents wear waterproof pendants, allowing them the freedom to roam throughout the facility or campus knowing that help is always just a button press away. Place wireless emergency switches in baths and bedrooms for additional call locations.

Be sure that residents are up and about without disturbing their privacy using the morning check-in feature of the PIR motion detector or the combination wireless assistance call & resident check-in switch.

The SF530ES Wireless Call Station with 1/4" call-cord jack gives people who are temporarily bedridden or immobile access to Tek-CARE500 call functions.

Use our exclusive Remote Event Monitor software to connect up to 9 additional personal computers to the Tek-CARE500 system via the facility's network. This software provides real-time monitoring of all system activity, as well as custom system reports.