Fire Alarm Systems 

E3 Series®
Expandable Emergency Evacuation System

For owners of all types of buildings—large, small, or campus environment— the E3 Series® from Gamewell-FCI provides the most costeffective solution for fire alarm and emergency notification needs. Unlike ordinary fire control panels, the E3 Series is designed to use the fewest number of multi-function "building block" modules. The result: easy design, installation and maintenance. Plus, since system reconfiguration and expansion is simple as you grow and renovate, it's the best value over the life of your building.

The difference is system communication.

E3 Series architecture is based on ARCnet, one of the simplest, least expensive, and most proven types of LANs available. All system communication (internal and external) is based on this robust homogenous platform. No need for special gateways or translators that complicate design, slow performance, or add cost. Just true peer-topeer exchange of data packets for fast, clear, and highly survivable emergency warning. A 32-bit RISC processor insures high-speed operations from initial system programming, to polling of our incredibly fast VelocitiTM Series devices, to the nanosecond response of notification strobes, horns and speakers. Communicating to building occupants and fire service personnel is innovative, too. The smart NGA touch screen option is the best interface solution, presenting information only as it is needed (and as simple to use as an ATM). The standard 80-character LCD display is the economical choice. Other programmable modules give exceptional control in more complex installations. Select ASM-16 switch modules to clearly convey status of peripheral equipment and ANU-48 LED driver modules to seamlessly tie the E3 Series system to any UL listed graphic annunciator. Exceptionally adaptable, the E3 Series comes in a wide range of attractive but discreet cabinetry. It's the easy choice for best performance and value in fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.


S3 Series Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel 

Engineered for small to mid-sized applications, the Gamewell- FCI S3 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel provides an answer to the market need for a feature-rich solution in an affordable package. It delivers far more power and functionality than anything else in its class and rivals many "high end" systems. The Gamewell-FCI S3 Series is extremely flexible to meet many needs. For small-size applications, each panel can offer up to 198 or 396 points offering full analog addressable functionality. As your business grows, the S3 can grow with you. Using a single pair of wires, and an optional RPT-E3-UTP Network Interface board, the S3 can be upgraded to a powerful network, meeting the demands of the largest facility. If your facility continues to expand, the S3 offers direct compatibility with our sophisticated E3 SeriesTM Expandable Emergency Evacuation System, without replacing hardware. The front panel of the S3 Series offers enhanced convenience that provides an intuitive interface for the first responder, and still provides powerful tools for technicians. This results in a greater level of protection, and reduced support costs.

The Beauty of Advanced Technology 

With the Gamewell-FCI S3 Series, you can optimize the sensitivity of sensors for particular times of day, night, weekends and holidays, increasing sensitivity for those times when the building is not in use. Multi-level sensor sensitivity programming detects and annunciates the increase of minute amounts of particles, critical in certain applications. An extra address indication finds devices that were omitted or incorrectly installed. The history log keeps you apprised of recent incidents and performance. With the addition of an optional RPT-E3-UTP Network Interface board, the S3 Series can be connected to additional S3 panels or the E3 SeriesTM network to create the most powerful peer-to peer network available on the market. The S3 panel can be expanded up to 122 panels total for the network.